Size: 12,00 ha Organization in charge of the management: MO ČRS Humpolec Fishery Description GPS 49°33’24.706″N, 15°21’48.071″E The pond lies in a very near proximity of the horse racing track „Dusilov“ in the urban area of the town of Humpolec. Only special permits are valid in the pond; detailed conditions for angling are the part of the […]

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VLTAVA 24 (421 069)

Length: 6,5 km Size: 23,00 ha Organization in charge of the management: MO České Budějovice 1 Fishery Description GPS: Z: 48; 56´58.225“N, 14°27´48.061E, K: 48°55´1.664“N, 14°25´28.579“E From the weir in České Budějovice – Rožnov to the weir in Březí. The minimum size for brown trout has been increased to 30 cm. Angling is prohibited in […]

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VLTAVA 29 P (423 059)

Length: 7,1 km Size: 6,00 ha Organization in charge of the management: MO Loučovice Fishery Description GPS S: 48°38’25.71″N, 14°17’21.814″E, E: 48°37’24.268″N, 14°16’0.996″E. The section from the boards 500 m downstream from the train stop Čertova stěna to the dam of Lipno I reservoir, except the area above the weir in Loučovice (from the weir […]

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