VLTAVA 30 – 32, ÚN LIPNO (421 200)

Length: 34,0 km

Size: 4 870,00 ha

Fishery Description

GPS 48°37‘52.981“N, 14°14‘11.744“E

From the dam of the Lipno reservoir to the road bridge in Nová Pec. All tributaries are fish breeding areas – angling is prohibited. Boat fishing, setting baits by the boat and trolling is permitted only from boats moved by human power (oars). When angling with baits of animal origin, it is allowed to use earth worms, mealworms and meat worms, blood worms and all live fish, whose length must be at least 15cm. The use of a stake net is prohibited. Minimum size for all fish species, except those whose size is higher and it is declared by the Ordinance No. 197/2004 Coll., is 15 cm. This provision also applies for baits kept.

You are in the Šumava National Park and you have to keep to regulations including the ban on processing of fish on the reservoir´s bank

Angling is prohibited:

  • Within the distance of 100 m from the dam of the reservoir on both banks.
  • From both fixed and floating landing places and from the means of public boat transportation
  • In the meeting point of the Olšina brook in Žlábek with the reservoir in the period between 25 March and 20 April (inclusive) and it is from the mouth of the concrete drain pipes to the end of the reed peninsula (50 m) – spawning area of asp. This ban is valid for boat fishing as well. Angling is prohibited in the section upstream from the concrete pipes to the dam of the pond Olšina all year round.
  • In Kyselovská bay, opposite of Dolní Vltavice, and in the bay “Hadí luka”, opposite of Jenišov, it is prohibited to fish – protected fish areas. The areas are marked by the information boards on the bank and with white buoys on water in the period from April to November.

To mark the feeding places is allowed only with the use of rod buoys of a minimum size of the float/rod 150 cm. the end of the buoy must be painted with reflexive colour.

It is prohibited to keep the catch in tributaries of Lipno outside the net or fish box. Angling is prohibited from sport boats including yachts. Local angling permits are not issued for this fishery.

Maximum size for carp is 70cm.

Each caught carp over 70cm (inclusive) must be released back to this fishery without any delay. Carp over 70cm (inclusive) must be recorded by the fisherman into Part II of the fishing permit (Register of Attendance and Catches) with stating date of fishing (date shall be circled), fishery number, length and weight (weight can be estimated). This fish is not calculated into the summary of attendance and catches.

Local permits for this fishery are not issued.