Angling Regulations

Angling rules valid in the waters of the Czech Anglers Union, registered association, South Bohemian Board for the years 2016-2017

The angling rules in all fisheries of the Czech Republic have been specified by the Act on Fishery No. 99/2004 Coll. and by the Ordinance No. 197/2004 Coll. Angling rules are therefore unified throughout the entire Czech Republic, but users of fisheries may modify or make them more restrictive. If you want to fish in the Czech Republic, it is necessary to purchase a State Rod Licence and an Angling Permit for the relevant fishery. Angling without a licence or permit is a crime. Please read the following summary of the angling rules, and pay special attention to the fishery description of where you are going to fish and what you must do to be in compliance with the angling rules. Read also the other rules specifying angling in the particular fishery and which may apply for that location. Angling waters are divided into salmonid and non-salmonid waters and angling rules vary. Rules are made mainly for the purpose of protection of fish.

The Czech Anglers Union, registered association, South Bohemian Board offers angling permits for non-members which are valid for one day, three days, ten days, seventeen days, half a year (only for non-salmonid fisheries) and all-year permits valid in all non-salmonid waters or all salmonid waters. It is also possible to purchase a permit valid in just a single fishery or for all waters of the Czech Anglers Union.

When angling, the angler is obliged to keep and, on inspection staff´s request, present his/her ID card/passport, angling licence, angling permit, tweezers for releasing hooks and a measuring instrument for finding the length of the fish.

Before angling, the angler is obliged to register the date and number of the fishery, where he/she is going to fish into the summary of catches (this is included in the angling licence).

Fish may be caught by a rod or by a drop net of a maximum area of 1m2 only. The “rod” consists of at least a rod, line and a hook or another bait with a hook. The use of other angling methods are prohibited. In the case where the angling person does not hold the rod in their hand when angling, he/she is obliged to remain close enough to be able to handle it immediately in the case of need.

Boat fishing and trolling may only be done in fisheries where this is specifically permitted. It is possible to use a fishing boat only (no ships, sailboats or houseboats) and the angler in the boat is obliged to allow inspection by the inspection staff upon the staff´s request.

All the fish taken have to be recorded into the summary of catches. When the angler decides to take either valued species (carp, pike-perch, grass carp, cat fish, pike or asp) or salmonid species (brown trout, rainbow trout, brook trout, grayling), he/she is obliged to record the species, length and weight into the summary immediately. Other species taken must be recorded during a break or at the end of angling. Fish taken have to be killed or have to be kept in a keep net enabling free movement of fish and protecting fish against injury.

It is prohibited to fish outside the angling fisheries specified in the List of fisheries, under ice, in fish ladders, from bridges, from dams of reservoirs in the period of spawning in the spawning grounds and in places where fish take refuge during low or high water level conditions.

Inspection staff serve for the protection of fisheries and have the power to check the angling permit, angling licence and ID card or passport, way of fishing used by an angler and fish taken by the angler. They must visibly present a badge and also a service card. In the case of discovering on offence they have the power to withhold the angling permit and fishing tackle if needed and in the case of a serious offence or for purpose of finding out of identity to pass the individual to the Police of the Czech Republic.

Day time periods of angling – angling is permitted during the following daytime periods (the times are in GMT+1, during daylight saving time it is necessary to add 1 hour).

Month Salmonid fisheries Non-salmonid fisheries Month Salmonid fisheries Non-salmonid fisheries
January, February ——– 7-18 August 6-22 4-24
March ——– 5-21 September 7-20 6-22
April 6-20 6-22 October 7-19 6-22
May 6-21 4-24 November – December 7-17 7-18
June, July 5-22 4-24

Minimum size limit – the angler may take only the fish which match the minimum size limit (*valid for non-salmonid waters only)

asp (Aspius aspius)* 40 cm huchen (Hucho hucho) 65 cm
pike-perch (Stizostedion lulcioperca)* 45 cm grayling (Thymallus thymallus) 40 cm
nase (Chrondrostoma nasus) 30 cm rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) 25 cm
ide (Leuciscus idus) 25 cm brown trout (Salmo trutta m. fario)

in the fisheries Vltava 26,27, 28

in the fishery Vltava 29

25 cm

45 cm

30 cm

grass carp (Ctenopharyngodon idella) 50 cm
carp (Cyprinus carpio) 40 cm
tench (Tinca tinca) 20 cm brook trout (Salvenilus fontinalis) 25 cm
vimba (Vimba vimba) 25 cm catfish (Silurus glanis)* 90 cm
sturgeon (Acipenser ruthenus) 30 cm pike (Esox Lucius)* 50 cm
perch (perca fluviatilis)* 15 cm eel (Anguilla anguilla)* 45 cm
burbot (Lota lota) 30 cm

Period of fish protection (Closed Season) – individual species are protected in the following periods. In the case of a catch of these species, the angler is obliged to release the fish carefully and immediately (* valid for non-salmonid waters only).

vimba, nase, chub, ide                                                        16.03. – 15.06. asp, pike, pike-perch*                     01.01.-15.06. brown trout         01.01.-15.04.

brook trout          01.09.-31.12.

perch              01.01.-15.06.

(Perca fluviatilis)

catfish*               01.01.-15.06.


grayling                 01.01.-15.06.


Barbel (Barbus barbus), salmon (Salmo salar), lamprey, mussels, amphibians, crayfish – are protected all year round Huchen                  01.01.-30.09.


Angling rules for non-salmonid waters

When float fishing or ledgering, it is permitted to use at the most two rods with a maximum of two single hooks or one double hook or one triple hook. It is permitted to use baits of animal or vegetable origin.

Angling with a small fish as bait is permitted between 16 June and 31 December. It is prohibited to use fish which do not conform to the minimum size limit, salmonid species and protected species.

When fly fishing only one rod may be used, with at most three flies, each tied on a single hook. In the case of the use of a double or triple hook, only one hook may be used. The angler must hold the rod in hand when angling.

Spin fishing and trolling are permitted between 16 June and 31 December. While spin fishing or trolling it is permitted to use one rod only and one bait with three hooks at most (single, double or triple hook) are allowed. While spin fishing, the angler must hold the rod in their hand.

Fishing with a drop net is permitted between 16 June and 31 December. It is permitted to use a drop net of the area of 1m2 at most. It is permitted to fish for live bait only. When fishing with a drop net, the angler must not fish simultaneously with a fishing rod.

Bag limit – in non-salmonid water, the angler may take at most 7 kg of fish in one day. This catch can include two fish of valued species (carp, pike-perch, grass carp, catfish, pike or asp) and three fish of salmonid species (brown trout, rainbow trout, brook trout, huchen, grayling) only. If the angler catches a single fish which exceeds the limit of 7kg, he/she may take it, but then must stop angling.

Angling rules for salmonid waters

Angling is permitted between 16 April and 30 November. Angling with any bait of animal origin, including insects and fish is forbidden. Fishing with a drop net is forbidden.

When fly fishing, it is permitted to use only one rod with a maximum of three flies tied on barbless single hooks or single hooks with a pressed barb only. The rod must be held by hand.

Spin fishing is permitted between 16 April and 31 August. The angler may use only one rod and one artificial bait with the maximum of two hooks (single, double or triple hooks). Hooks must be barbless or with pressed barbs. When spin fishing the rod must be held by hand.

When float fishing or ledgering it is permitted to use two rods with a maximum of two single barbless hooks. It is permitted to use baits of vegetable origin only.

It is possible to take salmonid fish (brown trout, rainbow trout or grayling) on only three days in one calendar week. If the angler buys a 10-day angling permit, this rule applies for the period of validity of this permit. On other days, all salmonid fish must be released.

Bag limit – in salmonid waters, the angler may take at most a total of 7 kg of fish including two carp, three salmonid fish only. Predatory species (pike-perch, pike, perch and asp) must not be released back to the fishery and the angler must take them. If an angler catches a fish exceeding the limit of 7kg, he/she is allowed to take it, but he/she must finish angling on that day. Angling must also be finished after taking the third salmonid fish. The angler may take only one salmonid fish longer than 45cm per day.